About me:


Gonzo Dog offers science-based, rewards based personal training services for dogs in the NYC area using positive reinforcement and force-free methods. I am a fully insured trainer with nearly a decade of experience working with all kinds of breeds and issues, so bring them all: big and small! I travel to your home to work with both you and your dog(s) in their environment to target everything from puppy training and housebreaking to longer term, more persistent behavioral problems using force-free, positive reinforcement methods (so no prong/choke chains, shock collars, etc). I specialize in anxiety, fear-based aggression, stranger danger issues, and leash reactivity, with experience training deaf/blind dogs, senior pups, transitioning rescues and a host of other things!

I have found in my years that it is incredibly hard to train your own dog because of the owner/dog bond, and they have a tendency to know all the buttons to push to get what they want. I have even experienced this with my own dog, so no one is immune! I'm here to teach you how to create boundaries with your pup so that they learn to be obedient and confident, while offering an outside perspective on behavioral issues and modification.    

I have the patience of a Saint Bernard and the tenacity of a terrier, so I will keep working until we get to the root of your dog's issues. Contact me today for a consultation and let me know what I can do to foster a more harmonious relationship between you and your dog!

In addition, if you are a cat/exotic pet owner in the Prospect/Crown Heights, Lefferts Garden area or nearby, I love to break up my dog routine by taking care of all kinds of other animals. Sadly, I'm unable to board pets or do overnights at this time, but visiting kitties and other critters while their owners are away is just perfect for all of us! 

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