About me:

Welcome to Gonzo Dog! Or what I refer to as “The Cute and Complicated Club.” Because our dogs are cute, which makes it hard to set boundaries and can lead to some complicated issues!

Science-based, rewards-based training is a wonderful way to bond with your dog and learn how to replace behavior you don't want to see with behavior you do – which in turn makes everyone’s life easier.  

I am an insured CPDT-KA Certified trainer with over a decade of experience working with all types of breeds and issues, so bring them all! I personally work with both you and your dog(s) in their environment to target everything from puppy training and basic skills to longer term, more persistent behavioral issues using force-free, positive reinforcement methods (so no prong/choke chains, shock collars, etc.) that get results!

I specialize in anxiety, fearfear-based aggression, stranger danger issuesresource guarding and leash reactivity, with experience training deaf/blind dogs, senior pups, transitioning rescues and a host of other things.

In addition to the knowledge and experience I bring, I also bring compassion and empathy. This stuff is hard! The last thing you need is some condescending trainer barking orders at you and making you feel like a failure. I strive to communicate with my humans as gently and patiently as I communicate with my dogs, aiming to make training a fun and positive experience for everyone!

You're about to make a lifetime investment:

I’m going to teach you how to train your dog.

  • communicate with your dog in a way they can understand

  • learn to read their body language

  • create healthy boundaries to get you unstuck

  • build their confidence and communication 

  • learn skills that you can use to teach them nearly anything

  • gain professional outside perspective on behavioral issues/modification   

Contact me today to set up a consultation and let me know what I can do to build a more harmonious relationship between you and your dog!

My dog Cbass, who started my journey of training

Fun Fact: the name Gonzo Dog was inspired by my favorite author, Hunter S. Thompson.