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My old buddy Dash the pit bull at Prospect Park
Rates and Services:

$180 for a Virtual Consultation - Virtual Consultations are assessments that last approximately 60 minutes and include applicable resources and product recommendations. During the consultation, we will discuss history/behaviors in depth so that I can formulate a training plan based on that information and show you how to start putting that plan into action.  

$150/hr for Follow-up Sessions - Training is an ongoing process, but I wait at least a week between sessions (depending on the dog's needs) so that you have time to work on the skills with your pup. The main focus is to get you comfortable with the commands and training until you no longer need me. Some clients are only with me for a month or two, some have been with me for almost a year, but I will always be open and honest with you about what I think your pup needs and when I think you are ready to take over on your own.

$60/30 min Pre-Dog Counseling - virtual or phone call to prepare you for life with a dog! Included but not limited to:

  • the best breed(s) to fit your lifestyle (it's not just about looks!!)

  • how to find an ethical breeder/rescue

  • questions to ask breeders/rescues 

  • what to have ready for puppy/dog's arrival

  • how to integrate a new dog with other pets and/or children

  • what to expect

  • how to start everything off on the best paw

Training Packages starting at $425 

contact for package offerings and investments!

 Gonzo Dog is offering masked, in-person  sessions again on a *case-by-case basis! 

*All initial consultations will be held virtually and virtual training will be recommended for specific situations. 

See next page for Virtual Training options!

These rates are for one dog per household. Additional dogs increase rate.

***I do work with aggression and bite histories on a case by case basis, to be determined at the end of the consultation.  Please be advised that aggression cases require a package of sessions to be purchased in advance and may include an additional signed waiver.

Dog behavior consulting for businesses available! Contact for rates.

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