Here are what some other Gonzo fans had to say!​


"Kellie's care, knowledge, experience and dedication go completely unmatched and you would be severely missing out if you put your pup in anyone else's care."

- Heather D.


"Kellie is wonderful! She definitely knows what she's talking about when it comes to training pups, and she relays the information in a way you can understand. She's super patient, even with crazy anxiety-ridden dogs like ours."

- Sarah S. 

"Because we are firm believers that you should never stop learning, our company contracted with Kellie to help us design and implement an official behavioral assessment for our daycare. Her vision lined up with our end goal, and I’d go as far as to say she exceeded our expectations! Now our staff has a standard in place that further enhances our value to clients, and we are a better business for it. Kellie knocked it out of the park!"

- Walter's Pet Styles and Daycare


"Kellie's patience and skill developed Lucy into a well behaved, well trained dog. She taught her how to walk on a leash, obey all standard commands and some really fun tricks like playing dead and ringing a bell."

- Derek C.


"We quickly found out that Kellie has a connection with all sorts of pets. The cats really liked her, and we could tell she truly enjoyed spending time with them as well. Our friends told us that she was hands down the best pet sitter they've hired in all their years in NYC!"

- Ian P.


"Two random people, in NYC, in a span of 30 minutes recommended Kellie - I am so glad they did."  

- Michael B.


"Kellie is amazing! Our puppy was a little over 1 when we started working with Kellie so we were worried that some of her habits were irreversible. After just one training session, we had already started seeing results!"

- Casey D.


"Kellie is the best! She has helped my Italian Greyhound overcome his anxiety. She worked with us by teaching Chase special techniques that I didn't learn in my Petco training class. The one on one dog training is definitely the best way to go!"

Laura G.


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